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Pick your own fruit Grove Farm, Bedfordshire

We returned to Grove Farm - Pick Your Own in Bedfordshire in June 2018 in search of fruit we could pick. We have been once before but went right at the end of the season in 2017 so it was only vegetables that were available. You can read all about our previous...

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A review of Newton Longville park, Milton Keynes

In June 2018 I was tipped off that the park in Newton Longville had been revamped and although I didn't have an exact location we decided to go in search of it on our way back from Thrift Farm. Watch the video below to see what it's like and then scroll down for...

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Bow Brickhill park revamped 2018

What's the second best thing to a new park opening? A park being revamped of course. In June 2018 we'd got a tip off that Bow Brickhill park had been revamped with some new play equipment. Watch our video below to see what it's like and then scroll down for more...

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Little Free Library and Dragon Park, Great Linford

Those of you who've been following this blog for some time will recall that in Great Linford in Milton Keynes there was a small shop, appropriately named 'The Little Bookshop'. It was a second hand bookshop where you could also have a drink and a snack, and was quite...

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Ten REALLY CHEAP summer days out for kids 2018

This is a list of our ten best cheap days out for the summer 2018. I have put similar lists together before. They do change each year as facilities can become run down which can affect whether somewhere is still worth travelling to, or indeed we have new adventures,...

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Summerfields Miniature Railway, Haynes, Bedfordshire 2018

My two sons LOVE trains. Thankfully we live relatively near a small train station so stopping at the barrier can be a daily joy. But there's nothing quite like going on one that moves is there? Over the last few years we've been visiting various miniature trains in...

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