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Little Free Library and Dragon Park, Great Linford

Those of you who've been following this blog for some time will recall that in Great Linford in Milton Keynes there was a small shop, appropriately named 'The Little Bookshop'. It was a second hand bookshop where you could also have a drink and a snack, and was quite...

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Ten REALLY CHEAP summer days out for kids 2018

This is a list of our ten best cheap days out for the summer 2018. I have put similar lists together before. They do change each year as facilities can become run down which can affect whether somewhere is still worth travelling to, or indeed we have new adventures,...

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Summerfields Miniature Railway, Haynes, Bedfordshire 2018

My two sons LOVE trains. Thankfully we live relatively near a small train station so stopping at the barrier can be a daily joy. But there's nothing quite like going on one that moves is there? Over the last few years we've been visiting various miniature trains in...

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Wavendon Gate Pavilion park in Milton Keynes – revamped

Sometimes play equipment gets tired, damaged or uninteresting for today's children, so it's always great to see money invested in existing areas if indeed the park is in a good location and lots of children would still enjoy going there. We were delighted to see that...

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Urb Farm in Wolverton – dates of free events 2018

What is Urb Farm? One of our best discoveries in 2016 was Urb Farm in Wolverton in Milton Keynes. It’s home to Growing People – a horticultural social enterprise working with disengaged young people to grow organic, seasonal, fresh fruit, veg, salad and flowers for...

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Rushden Lakes – a free day out in Northamptonshire

We're always keen to find new, exciting and cheap places to explore relatively close to home so when a friend recommended Rushden Lakes to us, we knew we had to go. It's unlike anywhere else we've been. It's essentially a retail destination next to a lake which has...

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