Adventure World soft play at Dunstable Leisure Centre


Adventure World soft play at Dunstable Leisure centre is one of the only soft play places we’ve found that ticks all the boxes. It’s suitable for under 5s. It’s a good size but without being too big or too small. It’s cheap – at the time of writing I only paid £3.50 for my toddler, it was free for my baby (although I would have paid for him had he been on his own) and I was free. It’s got a ball pool which my baby boy enjoyed playing in although not much else for non-walkers. It has lots of steps to climb which my almost 3 year old enjoyed. I didn’t need to follow my toddler around it but I could still keep an eye on him. I’d say it’s most suitable for age 2-5 year olds. There is an under 4 foot height restriction.There is a seating area and you can buy food and drinks from a limited range downstairs.


It’s easy to get to from MK – you go down the A5 to Dunstable and turn right at the sign for the Grove theatre. Follow the road round and you can park in the Go Bowling Car Park – you do pay to park. Like many places depending on when you go it can get really busy or be very quiet. At the time we visited it was open 9.30am to 4.45pm every day apart from on a Monday they’re closed between 1pm and 2pm for a private booking. Please do check their website for the latest opening times and prices before you travel.

TIME FROM MK – Approx 30 mins


Toddler World Soft Play at Dunstable Leisure Centre

A selection of images take from our visit to Dunstable Leisure Centre in March 2016

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