This is a review of All Hallows Place park, a Park’s Trust owned play area in the Fairfields development in Milton Keynes. I visited in April 2021 with my two children who were seven and five at the time we visited. This is one of many reviews of parks and play areas you can find on this website. If you want to visit this one and others, do take a look at my map showing all the free and cheap places we’ve visited locally.

Where is All Hallows Park? 

All Hallows Park is located in Fairfields in Milton Keynes. Fairfields isn’t too far from Stony Stratford and in 2021 some of the estate was still under construction. There isn’t a car park. This is a residential area in Milton Keynes so you’ll need to park on the road. It’s just off Fabius Drive and Cicero Crescent. An approximate postcode is MK11 4DB. 


What’s All Hallows Park like? 

All Hallows Park is a relatively small, brightly coloured park which consists of a climbing frame with slide, roundabout, nest swing and springy things. It’s not gated although the area wasn’t busy when we visited. There’s a good amount of space to run around. My children were 7 and 5 when we visited. They enjoyed it. They spent much of their time on the flat roundabout. My five year old was able to climb the climbing frame. It’s an attractive park although it feels like a bit more could have been made of the space with another piece of play equipment as there’s not much to it. If you’re not local, I wouldn’t say it’s a park to go out of your way to visit on it’s own, but definitely combine it with a visit to the big park in Fairfields and a walk around the area.

Where can we go after visiting All Hallows? 

As mentioned, I’d definitely to go the bigger park in Fairfields. You might even want to go there first then do this one. I’d then suggest you might want to drive to Stony Stratford where there are a number of lovely cafes and a second hand bookshop which has lots of kids books. If you want to do more walking then you could walk through Ouse Valley Park or go to Stony Stratford Nature Reserve. Alternatively if you want to explore more parks in Milton Keynes do have a look at my map to see where else you fancy going. 

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