Monkston in Milton Keynes is an excellent place to find a number of free parks for children within walking distance, as well as spot Starship Delivery Robots and join up with Ouzel Valley Park which stretches some distance in Milton Keynes. This is a review of those free parks in Monkston, If you do find this post useful and create some wonderful memories with your children, please do consider buying me a coffee to help with the running costs of this website, Milton Keynes Kids is run independently with no advertising in addition to my day job. Thank you.

Whereabouts is the play area in Blanchard Crescent in Monkston? 

To locate the park in Blanchard Crescent we used the postcode MK10 9GG for Flaxley Gate which is just of Chaffron Way. You don’t want to park there though as it’s a small cul-de-sac but so best to park anywhere on Blanchard Crescent which goes around in a circle. The play area is large and not gated. There is a big field behind it. There’s is a park set in a residential area of Milton Keynes. There are no toilets. 

What’s the park in Blanchard Crescent in Monkston like? 

The park is quite a big park. There’s a large wooden adventure style climbing frame which my sons aged seven and five were fine climbing and enjoyed – it has several bridges, a couple of climbing nets and a slide. There’s also a brightly coloured smaller climbing frame which is a bit more suitable for younger ones. The park has a basketball net and another large wooden frame suitable for older children. There are swings and a small roundabout as well as a metal climbing frame. The park isn’t gated and backs on to a big field. The park could do with a bit of TLC – the metal frame is quite dated now and the wooden on the climbing frames is fading but it’s still pretty good if you’ve got children who enjoy climbing. 

Where did we go after Blanchard Crescent in Monkston? 

The good news is if children tire quickly from this park or you want to make more of your visit then there several parks within walking distance. If you go about a quarter of the way around the circle – or cross the field you need to find Kilwinning Drive and walk down there. About a third of the way down that road there is a path that runs at right angles to Killwinning Drive – walk to the right and you’ll come to the blue park and to the left is a smaller pirate ship park. There’s map below and if you zoom out you should see the location of the Blanchard Crescent play area as well as both of those parks. 

Where next? 

We then walked to near the end of Kilwinning Drive before turning right down the path, walked along there to join Tewkesbury Lane – that took us under the underpass for the V10. We continued to follow the path which took us to the Co-op – a great place for spotting Starship delivery robots. We then turned down Colindale Street to get to Monkston Park – a Parks Trust maintained green space with some wooden play equipment. That then joins up with Ouzel Valley Park which is huge and goes all the way from Willen Lake to Caldecotte Lake. You’d need bikes to cover the entire distance. On this particular adventure though we found the wooden play equipment at Monkston Park then turned round and walked back the way we came. 

We enjoyed this park – where else can we visit? 

There a lots of parks within a short drive of Monkston have a look at the parks in Milton Keynes section on my website where you’ll find lots of good ones. 

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