Thrift Farm is one of the places I’ve visited most with my toddler over the last couple of years. Why? Because there’s more than enough to keep him occupied for a couple of hours, it’s not too far to travel and I think the ‘community’ aspect of it is brilliant. Oh and it’s relatively cheap… the most you’ll pay for two adults and two kids is £15. Since we last went there’s been a few changes. A new very classy café has opened, there’s a tractor the kids can climb on, and there’s extra stuff in the play barn. This time we LOVED seeing the little piglets. They were so noisy! Just a warning though… like most farm parks and country parks at the moment it was very muddy. So make sure you take your wellies. Also, if you happen to be like me and sometimes take two young children out on your own then make sure your buggy is good for off-road or you have a good sling or carrier – it was quite a lot of effort pushing the baby boy through the mud. Anyway there’s loads of pictures and details about their location in my updated blog post.

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