The Christmas area at Middleton Hall in Centre MK in Milton Keynes has prompted much debate over the last few years. So what is there in 2016? Watch my video below. Then carry on scrolling down for more information.

There’s a large igloo type structure – that’s Santa’s grotto. Like all grottos you have to pay to go in – it ranges from £7.50 – £9.99 for a child depending on when you go and at what time. Adults are free. Babies are free if they’re under 6 months and are with an accompanying paying child. There are other grottos in the area which are a lot more expensive. We haven’t been so I couldn’t tell you what it’s like so please comment below and let me know if you have. There’s a carousel which is £2 a go and a train ride which is also £2 – under 12s have to be accompanied by an adult. There’s a snow globe which costs £10 to go in.

Christmas Centre MK 2016
Christmas Centre MK 2016

Anything to see for free? The lighting is spectacular and gives the area a magical feeling. My 15 month old liked looking at the snow-like patterns that the glitter balls project on the floor. Along the train track there are some animatronic bears and other characters – he enjoyed waving at the waving bear but they are set back so you would see them better from the train. The area makes a relatively nice background for some festive pics. There’s a small nativity scene. We quite like going up to the mezzanine café at John Lewis where you can look out on to everything. But overall? No in all honesty there isn’t much. The boundary that runs parallel with Mothercare is lined with trees so there’s very little on that side which is a bit of a shame.

I’d say if you’re in town anyway and aren’t looking to spend any money then take a look but don’t go expecting or hoping for the big free displays of years gone by. If you’re looking for somewhere specifically to take the kids then I would suggest the one place you should visit this year is the Summerhayes Christmas Lights in Great Linford. It’s one of the best streets in the country for lights and the residents do it all for Willen Hospice. I’ll be sharing more free festive ideas over the next few weeks – do subscribe to my blog to get an email every time I add somewhere new and keep an eye on my facebook page as well.

Christmas Centre MK 2016

Christmas at Centre MK 2016

A gallery of images from Middleton Hall

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