A crocodile themed park opened in one of the new estates in Glebe Farm near Wavendon, Milton Keynes in early 2021. This is our review when we visited at a time where my two children were aged seven and five. This is one of many reviews of play areas in Milton Keynes you can find on my website. If you have a great time discovering new places with your children please do consider buying me a coffee to support the running of this website.

Where is the crocodile park? 

At the time we visited in March 2021, the crocodile park in Glebe Farm near Wavendon was very easy to locate, but wasn’t as easy to access. It’s located just off the corner of the Kingston roundabout on the A421 dual carriageway opposite the BP garage, just as you turn onto the A5130 Newport Road. The postcode for the BP petrol station is  MK17 8DB – you can’t park there but that will show you where it is if you’re not local so you know where you’re aiming for. You couldn’t access it directly via a road at the time we went as the estate was very much under construction. If you’re local to the older part of Wavendon then we found it best to walk or cycle down the redway which runs parallel to Newport Road. Or alternatively I’d recommend parking somewhere near the beach park (MK17 8LD) and walking / scooting down the redway which runs parallel to the A421 – it was about 15 minutes. Or somewhere down Burney Drive just off Newport Road (don’t know the postcode yet but the same road as the beach park just further down!) I’ll hope to update this post as more roads are built in the area.

What’s the crocodile park like? 

The crocodile park is in my opinion in quite a strange location being in such close proximity to one of the busy roads in and out of Milton Keynes, partly because of the noise but also fumes from cars. At the time we visited the estate was under construction, so we were yet to see how it fitted it with the rest of the development, but on first look it did seem rather unusual to have it visible from the main road – perhaps that was the idea I don’t know. The park itself is a good one for young children. We love a themed park so the children loved discovering the crocodile see-saw and rocker things. There are wooden houses to climb up and sit in which they enjoyed. There’s also some swings and a wooden assault course bit with balance beams. There are benches. The park is gated. It’s next to a small lake where there’s a bridge going over it. My children had fun visiting although overall it’s probably better for younger children, but it was definitely a nice park to visit as part of a walk or cycle stop. 

Where could we go after the crocodile park? 

If you didn’t already park at the beach park then I’d recommend going there – it’s about 10-15 minute walk away. Alternatively head back towards the old part of Wavendon along Newport Road – turn right at the Wavendon Arms pub and visit the pretty park opposite the church in Wavendon. Then you could walk on to the castle themed park behind Wavendon Gate Pavilion. You can find all the parks near this one on my map of everywhere we have visited. Or alternatively you could take a drive or cycle into Woburn Sands and up to Aspley Woods which is a lovely walk. There are no loos though. Or take a drive to the parks in Broughton or Brooklands where there are many to visit and again you can find those on the parks section of my website.

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