EDIT AUGUST 2021 – Please note! This is a review of Curly Tails Pig Sanctuary. I am NOT connected to Curly Tails in any way, so if you have pigs which you are looking to re-home, or wanting to visit the sanctuary, please contact them directly. Do not email me. Many thanks.

Curly Tails pig sanctuary in Newton Longville near Milton Keynes is one of the most delightful places we’ve visited this year – partly because it’s so lovely, but more so because of the wonderful people who run it. It’s not somewhere you can just turn up, but is well worth booking a visit there, even months in advance. Scroll down for all the information once you’ve watched our video below.

What is Curly Tails?

Let’s start with what Curly Tails isn’t. Curly Tails is not a commercial farm, a tourist attraction or somewhere you can visit on a whim. Curly Tails is a delightful pig sanctuary in someone’s garden. It’s run by Jane and her family who, rather selflessly, have turned their land into a wonderful place for rescue pigs – pigs who are unwanted, have been mistreated, or their owners simply couldn’t look after them anymore. It’s been a charity since earlier this year, and all the money raised from people visiting is being ploughed back into making Curly Tails an even more lovely place for the pigs to live.

curly tails pig sanctuary

What happened on our visit to Curly Tails?

We went as a group of nine – four adults and five children aged 2 to 16 and from the moment we arrived we felt really welcomed. Jane, Jason and Finley are some of the nicest people I think we’ve ever met. The fact that they’re dedicating so much of their time, not only to looking after these pigs, but giving visits to people like us, is truly amazing. We first met Truffles who enjoyed being fed doughnuts and fruit by the children before going on a lovely walk to meet some of the others. They all have names, and their shelters are named after hotels. My youngest son in particular was really keen to stroke the pigs, so whilst I chatted to Jane, hearing all about how Curly Tails started, Jason told the children all about the pigs and encouraged them to stroke them. There was only one they couldn’t because he is blind and a little nervous. We then walked to where the pigs were having fun in the mud, and, because they’re all spread out, we threw the fruit into empty spaces so that they could then eat it. We got to hear all about the pigs’ stories and how they’re doing now that they’re at Curly Tails. The pigs are clearly adored and treated like members of the family.


Curly Tails pig sanctuary
Curly Tails pig sanctuary

How much does it cost to visit Curly Tails and do you have any tips for visiting?

There is no set charge for visiting Curly Tails and as it’s a charity you should give what you can afford and what you think it’s worth. All of the money raised is being re-invested in improving the lives of the pigs. As a rough guide I’d suggest £3-£5 per person as that’s what we would pay to visit a small farm – and this is a personalised tour! We were there a couple of hours, but we do chat a lot and ask lots of questions. You can also buy key-rings, mugs, biscuits and sponsor a pig as an extra way of supporting them. Lots of tips! You MUST wear wellies, it’s so muddy, even if you don’t go in the mud where the pigs are. Do take some food for the pigs – fruit and doughnuts are welcomed. Do take cash. It’s not a place to picnic so eat before you go or plan to go somewhere else afterwards – remember this is Jane’s back garden. I’d say as long as your children are interested in animals then it’s suitable for a range of ages. Do not just turn up hoping you can visit. See details below.

curly tails pig sanctuary

How can we visit Curly Tails and where is it?

We visited in September 2017. Curly Tails will be closed in December and January. If you want to book, then message Jane through her facebook page to arrange a visit. Don’t be surprised if you have to wait a few months. We really enjoyed going as a bigger group so it may be worth seeing if a friend and their children also want to go, it’s a good bonding experience. The address is 19 Drayton Road, Milton Keynes, MK17 0BH. The postcode does get you there, but remember this is a residential area so you could easily miss it. There is a small sign and you can park in their driveway.

curly tails pig sanctuary

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