There’s a HUGE slide at Downs Barn Park in Milton Keynes. Some of you who grew up in MK may remember going on it as children yourselves… well it’s still there! We first visited a few years ago when I started Milton Keynes Kids, but returned in February 2019 with my youngest son – currently three and a half – who was trying it out for the first time. Watch my video below and then scroll down for more information about it. 

Where is Downs Barn Park? 

Downs Barn Park is in Milton Keynes. The best postcode I’ve found is MK14 7LN which takes you to Bayard Avenue – we found it easy to park in this residential area and the park is just behind the houses. 

What’s the best thing about Downs Barn Park? 

The biggest appeal of Downs Barn Park is the huge slide. I believe it’s known locally as the bumpy. It – along with the one at Bradville Park – are the biggest slides in Milton Keynes as far as I know. Because of the bump in the middle you are better off sitting on a coat or something – otherwise you… I mean the children… could find themselves getting stuck in the middle of it. You can get to the top of the slide either by the steps at the side of the slide – or via the hill on either side. My 3 year old was fine ascending the steps, but they are really narrow and I did worry about him slipping so I did stand behind him each time he went up.

What else is at Downs Barn Park?

Going up to the slide on either side are two lots of wooden balance beams. My 3 year old wasn’t too interested in them, but I think my eldest son – who’s currently 5 – would be fine. There’s also some big swings, baby swings, a big flat swing seat and and a rocking dragon (?) so a few things kept him amused. 

What needs to be improved about Downs Barn Park in Milton Keynes? 

It’s an old park so the equipment is weather worn and compared to many of today’s parks it’s old fashioned. I suspect very few slides would be built like this now. The balance beams could do with painting and that would improve the look of it a bit more. There was quite a lot of rubbish there when we visited. That said, if you’re after a slide like the ones you went on when you were young then it’s worth a visit. Children aged three up will get the most out of visiting the park, although there are some baby swings if you have a younger child too. 

We want to visit another park in Milton Keynes! Where can we go? 

Have a look at my map to plot where you want to go next in the area, or have a look at the parks section of my website. 

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