There’s a delightful pirate themed free park in the residential area of Fishermead in Milton Keynes  and it’s great fun for children. We went in August 2020 and discovered it had been revamped since we last visited a couple of years ago. This review is one of a number of parks in Milton Keynes you can find on my website

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Where is the pirate ship park in Fishermead in Milton Keynes? 

The pirate ship park is in the residential estate of Fishermead in Milton Keynes. There is not a designated car park. The nearest address is Kernow Crescent, Fishermead, MK6 2LD. On approach it’s fairly easy to spot as the pirate ship is bright red and stands out. 

What’s the pirate ship park in Fishermead like? 

There’s a brightly coloured pirate ship painted red, black and blue with a slide as well as a ladder and rungs to climb up it. It used to be brown and looked fairly dated. Now it looks much better and has some added features. My two boys aged seven and five at the time of visiting were really impressed. Since we last visited a small climbing frame with slide has been installed. My youngest son recognised it as the same one that’s at the Winnie-the-Pooh park in Browns Wood. There’s also a tyre swing which is great fun and there’s a base to it. There are some baby swings as well as a new ground trampoline which was good and bouncy. There’s also some older style gym equipment and climbing boulders. The park is not gated – that’s the downside if you have children who like to run off – you will need to keep a close eye on them. I’d say it’s suitable for most ages – particularly those who enjoyed themed parks. When we went there was only one other family there. It’s great to see an older park receiving a revamp and be more enjoyable to children in the local area.

Any tips for visiting the pirate ship park in Fishermead? 

This is a residential park not somewhere to go for a full day out with the kids, so I’d plan to be there for an hour or so. There are no toilets on site. If you’re travelling from further afield do have a look at the parks section on my website where you’ll find lots of others to visit or my map where you can see what other parks in Milton Keynes are nearby. 

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