The Leys Recreation Ground in Bletchley, Milton Keynes has three different play areas, gym equipment and a basketball hoop. This review is based on a visit with my five year old son in May 2021 although we have visited a couple of times before. This is one of many independent reviews of parks you can find on my website, so make sure you have a look at where else you can go. Find it useful? I’m so pleased. Please do consider buying me a coffee to support the costs of running it.

Where is the Leys park?

The Leys Park is located in Bletchley, a large residential area in Milton Keynes. There isn’t a car park. There are a number of entrances to the park and it’s set back from the roads. The park is a large area between Westminster Drive and Whalley Drive. We parked on Westminster Drive then the park was behind Cleeve Crescent. An approximate postcode is MK3 6NA. 

What is the first park like at the Leys Recreation Ground? 

The first park is a large gated play area which is featured in the pictures above and below. One of the things my 5 year old most liked what was it was great for scooting around as there are some good bumps to go up and over. There’s lots of play equipment suitable for a range of ages including a large climbing frame, small climbing frame, baby swings, big swings, snake swing, circular stepping stones and see saws. The ground is brightly coloured and the benefit of that is that it’s not going to get muddy. Overall my son had a great time. I would say though the park does need a bit of TLC as it feels quite dated and could do with a bit of a revamp. The see-saw was a bit clunky. The seats on the jumping thing really need replacing. The large climbing looks really tricky! I don’t know how suitable it is even for the best of climbers. There’s a panel in front of the swings, I don’t know what this was for. There are a couple of small flower stool type things that have become quite worn and dirty. 

What’s the second park at the Leys Recreation Ground like? 

The second play area is much smaller than the first. It’s also gated. There’s a good sized climbing frame which has two slides. There’s also a spinning bouncing thing which my five year old loved. It is an older style metal climbing frame but still pretty good. 

What’s the third park at the Leys Recreation Ground like? 

The third park is also gated and is again an older style playground. There are two baby swings and two bigger swings as well as a slide there. My 5 year old really liked the piece of play equipment which has two seats which come down from the top bars and then you can go around on it. There’s a climbing nest thing too. 

What else is at The Leys Recreation Ground? 

There’s a huge field with a basketball hoop and football goals although the goals didn’t look that well maintained. There was some gym equipment and a bench made from a local tree which I imagine was lovely at the time it was put in, but had a panel which had been replaced. I’d say if you’re local to Bletchley then The Leys is definitely worth a visit. My 5 year old had a good time visiting. Given the size of Bletchley though I’d say the area could well do with some new updated modern play equipment and this could be a good location for it. Want to visit other parks nearby? Do have a look at my map which features lots more parks and free days out in and around Milton Keynes. 

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