I feel both a little sad and happy writing this review about Adventureland at the Spingfields Shopping Outlet in Spalding. It was the last day out I went on with my children before the coronavirus lockdown and also last the time I saw my mum for more than three months. We went for my 40th birthday in mid-March 2020. It was REALLY quiet when we went because it was very wet that day which I think had put a lot of people visiting so we were only a handful of families there. Staff said that the day before had been much busier because it was sunny. So this review is entirely based on our experience. You may have a very different one if you go at a time where restrictions are in place. This review does not take into account social distancing or hygiene measures introduced at a later date but should give you just an idea of what it’s like. If you do find this post useful and create some wonderful memories with your children, please do consider buying me a coffee to help with the running costs of this website, Milton Keynes Kids is run independently with no advertising in addition to my day job. Thank you. 

Where is Adventureland at Springfields Shopping Outlet and how much does it cost?

We live in Milton Keynes and will generally travel further afield to visit somewhere fun if I think it warrants it. Adventureland at Springfields Shopping Outlet is in Spalding in Lincolnshire. This is not near Milton Keynes. It’s actually about 1hr 25 minute drive away – and about 70 miles from where we live. So do bear that in mind before you read on. It’s one of the furthest afield places we’ve visited that I’ve featured. The reason we went is that my mum lives In Peterborough and it doesn’t seem to far to drive from there. You will be closer if you live more Bedford or Cambridgeshire way. The shopping outlet is as you would expect – a collection of branded shops selling items a bit cheaper. Behind the shopping outlet is Adventureland. The address is Springfields Outlet Shopping & Leisure, Camel Gate, Spalding, Lincoln PE12 6EU. You do pay to park on exit. I think we paid £2 when we went on a Sunday. For opening dates and times PLEASE CHECK their website before travelling. You will need to book in advance if Covid-19 measures are in place. Updating this in June 2020 it looks like it’s £7.95 child, £3 adult, under 3s are free or £19.95 for a family and there’s an extra charge for the climbing wall. The time / number of turns per activity is limited so be aware of that if you go. The cost includes 30 mins on the JCB area, one round of golf, one session of gold mining, one go on the miniature train – then they can use the climbing frame and sand and water area. There are toilets. There is a diner. We took a picnic when we went.

What is Adventureland at Spingfields Shopping Outlet like? 

Adventureland is not a theme park and it’s not a huge. It’s aimed at children aged under 12 and NOT to be confused with Diggerland. It’s an area that incorporates a number of activities aimed at children of an age who aren’t looking for thrill-seeking rides. Personally I think the best ages to take children would be 3-9. My children were four and six at the time we went and a great age to enjoy much of what’s there. There’s a JCB zone which includes lots of ride-on vehicles and drive around a track whilst wearing helmets and high-vis jackets. There’s a dinosaur themed crazy golf, a climbing wall, a miniature train, climbing frame with high nets, a panning for gold area, a miniature ride-on train and a sand a water themed play area. Each activity is next to each other and there’s very little walking around so it’s good for little legs.

What were the best bits of Springfields Adventureland? 

My sons really enjoyed the JCB area. The ride-on vehicles were of different sizes and there were lots of them. Being the age they are they could drive around at speed – my 4 year old just needed a little push getting over the hill. They were really excited to pan for gold and that didn’t disappoint – they sieved for some time looking for tiny bits of gold to put in a little bag which they could take home. The miniature train is a really good one, travelling some distance and around beautiful gardens. There are pump stations in the sand and water area and on a better weather day they would have really enjoyed that too. I climbed the climbing wall at the age of 40 and rang the bell! It was super quiet when we visited and there were no restrictions on how much we could use each area, but having looked at the their website it looks as if normally you are limited on the time and number of turns on attractions – so do look at this before you go.

Anything we didn’t like or could be improved at Springfields Adventureland? 

At the time we visited the high nets on the climbing frame were closed off so only part of the climbing frame could be used – so that was a bit of a shame. If it’s a wet weather day then with the exception of the sand and water area it is very much an outdoor place so to enjoy it fully you may want to go on a better weather day – we did get soaked. That said it was really quiet so we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. Otherwise no, it was a great day out and my children at the age they were, were able to enjoy everything there. I can’t stress enough though that we went before coronavirus on a really quiet, wet day and we weren’t limited on how long we could enjoy each activity for. The website does state that there are restrictions. I can only imagine that this would be a good thing now as it will limit numbers. My children are now old enough to understand that they may only get one turn on something or a certain amount of time. But if you have toddlers who may be unhappy about leaving a particular activity – you might want to consider that before going – if indeed you’re travelling some distance. This review is just to give you an idea of what’s there and you can decide if it’s for you.

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