The play area at Aspley Guise Recreation Ground had a well deserved revamp in April 2022. There’s new equipment, surfacing, and the older equipment has had a lick of paint. We had visited a number of times of the years, but now following some investment in it, it’s much more appealing and hence why it’s now featuring on my website. This is one of many review of residential parks you can find on this website. If you find this review and others useful please consider buying me a coffee to support the running costs of this website. 

Large climbing frame

Where is Aspley Guise Recreation Ground? 

Aspley Guise recreation ground is located in the Bedfordshire village of Aspley Guise. The park is somewhat hidden from the main roads so it’s not somewhere you would accidentally stumble across. Use the postcode MK17 8DX which is for the golf club. As you turn in you should see a sign low down which says bowls club on the right hand side, follow that road around and you’ll come to a good sized car park in which it’s easy to park. There are big open cricket / foodball fields ahead and at the back of the field is the play area. 

Aspley Guise Recreation Ground

What play equipment is at Aspley Guise Recreation Ground? 

The new play equipment includes a zipwire, small climbing frame for younger children, new swings, nest swing, see-saw and roundabout. That’s in addition to the large climbing frame which was previously there and roundabout which have both had a lick of paint. New tarmac surfacing has also been added. There are no less than five benches within the park which is gated. There are additional benches outside of the perimeter of the play area. 

Roundabout at Aspley Guise Recreation Ground
See-saw at Aspley Guise Recreation Ground
Roundabout and climbing frame

Is Aspley Guise recreation ground any good? 

I took my eldest son – aged eight at the time we visited – and he enjoyed it and thought that many of the improvements like the smaller climbing frame and swings would definitely benefit children younger than him. It’s brightly coloured and looks really modern now. You have to climb up stairs to the zipwire so it might be a bit tricky for little ones to jump up though, and he said it was quite heavy pulling back the zipwire. There are two baby swings and a nest swing. He felt the big swings could have been a bit taller to benefit older children a bit more as he couldn’t swing that high. Overall though it’s a really good play area with a good amount of fun equipment and a number of places for parents to sit.  It’s easy to park. It’s probably worth taking a ball with you, but bear in mind the fields are used for team sports. Like anywhere, take your rubbish home with you if bins were full, we saw a fair bit of discarded or blown away litter when we went. 

Climbing frame at Aspley Guise Recreation Ground
Climbing frame at Aspley Guise Recreation Ground

What did Aspley Guise recreation ground look like before? 

Here are some photos from 2019 – a definite improvement! 

Aspley Guise Recreation Ground
Aspley Guise Recreation Ground
Aspley Guise Recreation Ground

Where else can we go after the park at Aspley Guise? 

If you’re looking for refreshments then I’d definitely recommend driving or walking into Woburn Sands where there are a number of places to eat as well as shops to get some supplies. You can also spot the delivery robots outside the Tesco Express. Or if you’re looking for a longer walk then I recommend Aspley Woods which is lovely (no loos though so bear that in mind if you’re not local.)

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