Caldecotte Lake in Milton Keynes is one of the largest lakes in MK and is free to visit. It can be really popular in the summer and many of you reading this will know about it already. However for those visiting Milton Keynes, for those new to the area or even those of you who’ve been before but would like some tips for visiting, here’s a useful review of Caldecotte Lake compiled from five years of going with my children. They’re now seven and five as I write this in September 2020. Caldecotte Lake is a lovely cheap day out for kids. If you do find this independent review useful, please consider buying me a coffee to support the running of this website and creation of content. Thank you. 

Where is Caldecotte Lake? 

Caldecotte Lake is free to visit and is located in Milton Keynes. It’s easy to get to. There is a large main free car park. The address is Bletcham Way, Caldecotte, Milton Keynes MK7 8HP. That main car park is next to the pub and the play area. That car park is for Caldecotte North. The alternative if you want to go to the South lake is a much smaller car park on the opposite side of the road. The car park is just off Monellan Grove and is the postcode is MK7 8AD. There are no public toilets there. There are loos in the pub but due to writing this during the Covid-19 pandemic you may or may not be able to access them, so I wouldn’t bank on it. It is accessible. It’s good for walking, buggies, wheelchairs, scooters and bikes. 

What is Caldecotte Lake like? 

Caldecotte Lake is split into a North and a South Lake and the route around both that we’ve taken in the past covers about five kilometres. You don’t have to walk around both. You can just walk around one lake but you’ll need to get back to your starting point by walking up to the main road and back down again. If you start at the main big car park there is a play area and the pub. They are separate from each other i.e the play area is not attached to the pub. The play area is suitable for a range of ages with two climbing frames which have several slides. There’s also swings and a nest swing. It has been the same for years and whilst my children have always had fun there, I personally feel that the equipment is becoming a little tired and for a place as popular as Caldecotte is in the summer it would really warrant some investment there. There’s a trim trail that goes around the lake. One of of the most lovely things about Caldecotte is there is a miniature railway just across from the pub. You can find out more info on their Facebook page. Before covid it used to run in the summer on Sundays and was £1 a go and under 2s were free. They also did Halloween and Santa specials. At the time of writing it hasn’t run in 2020 but do keep an eye on their social media for updates.

What tips do you have for visiting Caldecotte Lake? 

Most people visiting Caldecotte Lake tend to park in the big car park with the play area mentioned above. However if you park in the smaller one off Monellan Grove and start walking clockwise around the lake you will find another play area. It’s across the road just before you get to the flats. It’s got a big slide and climbing frames. Also if you continue walking that way around the lake past the rowing club then on a clear day it’s the most lovely place to watch a sunset. 

What time of year is it best to visit Caldecotte Lake? 

You can visit at any time of the year – the car parks don’t close. We particularly like Autumn. Unlike many other places in Autumn because there are paths right the way around it you don’t get muddy – yet can get the benefit of all the Autumnal leaves. To find the places in the pictures below park in the smaller car park off Monellan Grove but turn right to walk anti-clockwise around the lakes and you’ll find them. You can also park in the bigger car park but it’s a bit further around. As you would expect in the summer it’s also lovely, and unlike Willen Lake it’s less commercialised. It does attract a lot of visitors so please ensure you take your rubbish home. 

Where can we go from Caldecotte Lake? 

Caldecotte Lake connects up to lots of places around Ouzel Valley Park so do follow the redways to explore on a bike. If you want to plan a route it’s well worth checking my section on local walks to see where else I’ve featured. 

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