The park North Crawley was revamped in early 2022 with the addition of some excellent new play equipment. We hadn’t been prior to the revamp. It’s in a village on the edge of the borough of Milton Keynes so you’d need to go out of your way to go there if not local. We visited in the summer of 2022 on our way back from a trip to Bromham in Bedfordshire and this review is based on that visit.

Green and metal climbing frame with a slide in the play area in North Crawley
See-saw and little wooden play house

Where is North Crawley Park?

North Crawley Park is in the village of North Crawley, on the edge of Milton Keynes close to the Bedfordshire border. This is a residential area and the park is free to visit. It’s located behind North Crawley Institute (the village hall) and there is a car park there. We used the postcode MK16 9LH when we visited. You can also park on the high street if the car park is full.

Childre's play swings at North Crawley Park
Big climbing frame at North Crawley Park

What’s at the park in North Crawley?

The play area is gated. It includes a small wooden house which is good for toddlers, a small climbing frame, small spinning roundabout, bigger climbing frame for slightly older children and a variety of swings. We thought it was really well designed with my youngest son (who was seven at the time) really enjoying the bigger of the two climbing frames. Toddlers would definitely enjoy the little house. We liked that there was a variety of swings including a dual swing and parent and child swing. So many modern parks are often only built with one swing, but that’s clearly been carefully considered here.

Small green climbing frame with silver slide.
small wooden play house and swings

What else is at North Crawley park? 

We were really pleased to discover that beyond the cricket pitch next to the gated play area was another smaller play area at the end of the field. It includes a trim trail, small slide and zipwire. It’s a really lovely place to chill and have a picnic and my children really enjoyed playing there. There’s also a multi-use games area next to it. As you’re leaving the car park do look out for the book library which is a great addition to any community. We really enjoyed our visit to the park and it’s definitely one we’ll visit again if we’re in the area. 

Zipwire in woodland area at North Crawley Park
Wooden trim trail equipment at North Crawley Park
Small slide on a gentle slope at North Crawley Park
Wooden trim trail equipment at North Crawley Park
Multi use games area at North Crawley Park
Little book library at North Crawley Park

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