Many of our free and cheap adventures on Milton Keynes Kids focus on places in and around the Milton Keynes area. However occasionally we travel slightly further afield to explore and incorporate days out close to wear my parents live so we can involve them too. My parents live in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and as a child I went on school trips to Sacrewell Farm. Having heard it had changed a lot, and had an enviable play area, I was really keen to take my children and my mum to explore. At the time of writing we’ve visited twice – once in September 2021, and again in May 2022. This review of Sacrewell Farm is based on a combination of our two visits when my children were eight and six. We pay to visit everywhere we go and I run this website at a personal cost. If you find my reviews useful, please do consider buying me a coffee to support the running of this website. Thank you. 

Climbing frame at Sacrewell Farm
Natural Play area at Sacrewell Farm

Where is Sacrewell Farm and how much does it cost? 

The address for Sacrewell Farm is Thornhaugh, Peterborough PE8 6HJ. It’s about a one hour drive from Milton Keynes – and is a very direct route along the A421, then the A1 all the way there. It’s located just off the A1. You will need to check the latest prices on their website, but when we visited in May 2022 it cost £7.93 per adult and £6.23 per child. Under 2s are free. It costs more for special events. There’s a cafe, shop and toilets there. 

Sacrewell Farm

Play area at Sacrewell Farm 

It was seeing a couple of pictures of the play area at Sacrewell Farm that most attracted me to visit. I really think they need to big this up more. Part of it is really brightly coloured with a bee theme. There’s a huge climbing frame, smaller climbing frame, toddler equipment, sandpit, net climbing frame and accessible equipment. I think it’s really well designed and looks so exciting when you first see it. I’d say at 6 years old, my youngest son was the spot-on age to enjoy everything, although my eldest who’s 8 found enough to keep him occupied. All of the equipment is fairly close together. There are a good number of picnic benches too. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. 

Climbing frame at Sacrewell Farm
Climbing frame at Sacrewell Farm
Swing and small climbing frame at Sacrewell Farm
Tractor climbing frame in sandpit at Sacrewell Farm
Floor trampolines and see-saw at Scarewell Farm
Wooden play equipment at Sacrewell Farm

What’s the natural play area like? 

When we visited in September 2021, my children absolutely loved the natural play area. It’s a stream with lots of stepping stones for paddling and jumping. As it was quite a warm day, they spent ages in the shallow water. I recommend wearing sandals or flip flops with straps. When we returned in April though there were quite a lot of flies or mosquitos going around in a circle, I don’t know if something had attracted them or it was due to the weather that day, but we didn’t spend as much time in that area. The water was also slightly higher. Assuming the flies aren’t always there, then this is a fantastic way of encouraging imaginative play and is a wonderful way of making the most of a natural resource. There’s also a small rope bridge to take you over the stream and a lovely pooh sticks bridge. If you don’t want to go across the stepping stones or bridge, you can get to the other side of the water by walking around it. 

Natural play area at Sacrewell farm
Natural play area at Sacrewell farm
Natural play area at Sacrewell farm
Bridge over the stream at Sacrewell Farm
Pooh sticks bridge at Sacrewell Farm
Natural play area sign at Sacrewell Farm
Natural play area at Sacrewell farm

What’s the indoor play area like? 

The main indoor play area is aimed at children up to the age of 12. It’s a good size but I’d say children at the upper end of that age group might get a bit bored if my eldest son is anything to go by – he was almost nine the second time we visited. My two boys absolutely loved the area where you stick balls up tubes then they all fall down. There’s a separate area for babies although that bit is quite small. But there are  ride on tractors as well. There are benches for grown-ups. The only downside would be if they let it out for a private party and may then restrict the time you can go in there which is what happened the first time we went. The second time we went we could come and go as much as we liked.

Indoor play area at Sacrewell Farm
Indoor play area at Sacrewell Farm
Baby soft plat at Sacrewell Farm
Ride on tractor at Sacrewell Farm

Are there animals at Sacrewell Farm? 

Yes there are a number of rare breeds there but I have to be honest, they weren’t the most memorable part of our trips. There are sheep, horses, pigs and others.  There are other better farms if you want more of an animal focus. 

Animal in field at Sacrewell Farm

What else is there at Sacrewell Farm? 

There’s a courtyard area with a number of small businesses including chocolate and gin. There’s an historic watermill that dates back to the 18th century. You can go on tractor rides (small charge payable). There’s a wild play area with fallen trees. You can also go on a couple of walks – although we didn’t try – you need to ask for a map at reception. You can also camp or take a caravan there. 

Wild play area at Sacrewell Farm
Path around Sacrewell Farm
Courtyard area at Sacrewell Farm

Is it worth visiting Sacrewell Farm? 

If you live 30-40 minutes away in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire or Northamptonshire or are local to that area then absolutely Sacrewell Farm is worth a visit. The play area is one of the best we’ve visited; it’s set in a lovely countryside location; we loved the concept of the natural and wild play areas; and it’s a very reasonable cost. If you live further away then I think it depends how far you’re personally happy to travel for a good day out. We chose to go because it’s close to where my mum lives. There are farms more local to Milton Keynes, as well as plenty of play areas, but if you fancy a change and don’t mind an hour’s drive then I’d recommend going on a sunny day and taking a picnic. I don’t think we would have enjoyed in half as much in wet weather. Do check availability for tickets before you go. You can pay when you arrive, but on our second visit the website did say limited tickets so I did book before we set off. I think you can spend a whole day there, but if you want to go somewhere else then Ferry Meadows Country Park is about 15 minute drive away, and has a number of play areas, cafes and lovely walks, and you only pay to park. 

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