Teardrop Lakes are in Knowlhill in Milton Keynes. We decided to explore them in May 2020 – at a time where play areas were closed but the government allowed you to travel for exercise. It was one of a number of local walks in and around Milton Keynes that we have reviewed. Teardrop Lakes are part of the city’s balancing lake system but also somewhere for people to enjoy and visit. 

Where are the Teardrop Lakes and where do you park? 

Teardrop Lakes are in Knowhill, Milton Keynes not to far from 360 Play. As we approached the location I did wonder if we were in the right place as the lakes are next to an inustrial estate, but yes we were. They are close to Loughton and Furzton Lake. There are several car parks. We parked in the one off Garforth Place – a rough postcode is MK5 8HJ. There are other car parks off Davy Avenue, adjacent to the cricket pitch and another off Redland Drive (access under the H6 Childs Way). The car park is free. I would suggest if one is full, please try another. There are no toilets or café facilities. 

What are Teardrop Lakes like? 

Teardrop Lakes in Milton Keynes are a circuit of three lakes and about 2km – which is less than half the size of the park run around the much more well known Willen Lake or the route around Caldecotte Lake. The distance makes it an ideal walk for young children. I took my youngest son – aged four at the time we visited – he went on his scooter and he was happy to do the circuit. The lakes are very pretty in the sunshine. There are accessible paths all the way around. At the time we visited there were lots of buttercups. There is a large mound – essentially a big hill – which is great fun to climb and then roll down – my four year old would probably say this was his favourite bit of visiting. There are round circle stones on the edge of one of the lakes – we did see families walking across them but I really don’t know how safe it would be to do this so I wouldn’t advise you do it personally if you have young children. You obviously can’t swim in the lake either. We were there about an hour to an hour and a half – but you could take a picnic and socially distance from everyone – in the middle of the lakes are a big field. You can also have a much longer walk and go on to Loughton or Furzton Lake.

Any tips for visiting Teardrop Lakes in Milton Keynes? 

I’d suggest only visiting Teardrop Lakes if you’re reasonably local – or know where you can go to the loo from here – as there are no facilities on site. There isn’t a cafe so you may wish to take your own refreshments. It goes without saying to take your rubbish home if bins are full. If one car park is full please try another one. Out of the places we visited in May 2020 shortly after restrictions were lifted allowing you unlimited exercise, it was one of the more busier places we visited. Social distancing was fine, but you may want to visit early morning if you’d rather it be quieter. If you’re looking for places similar to this do try one of the other local walks on my website which haven’t been as busy. 

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