I’ve lived in Milton Keynes since 2006 and here I find myself in 2020 visiting places with my two children that I’d never even heard people mention before. Why, I don’t know. That definitely applies to Waterhall Park. It’s a Parks Trust site in Milton Keynes and yet rarely talked about. I took my two children aged six and four at the time to investigate in mid-May 2020.

Where is Waterhall Park? 

Waterhall Park is near Bletchley in Milton Keynes. There is a car park off Mill Road. It’s quite hidden. I ‘think’ an approximate postcode is MK2 2LE – but you need to follow Mill Road around a corner to the left to find the car park – it’s quite hidden. 

What’s Waterhall Park like? 

Waterhall Park is a lovely park full of poplar trees. It goes in a circular walk and was accessible for my sons to go on their scooters. Some parts of the path are wider than others but it was generally fine. There’s a couple bridges to go over on the way around. Towards the end we saw some cows who we watched drink water from the canal. There is a play area on the way around although at the time we visited you were not allowed on them due to restrictions because of coronavirus. There wasn’t much litter when we visited. It is somewhere you could take a picnic. There are NO toilets. I would not advise visiting from far away as I currently don’t know where you’d use the loo. There is no cafe either. The car park was easy to park in when we visited. I would not suggest you attempt to park anywhere else around that car park if its is full so do try elsewhere. The park is next to the river so there is a towpath but it was too narrow to use safely at the time we went. We were there for about 1-1.5 hours although that including stopping time for watching the cows and snacks. I didn’t track the distance but it was easy enough for my four year old to scoot around without moaning. We didn’t go anywhere else as I needed to return home to use the loo. We would definitely go back and would love to see if we can go further afield by following the canal when its safe. 

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