Scrapstore at the Milton Keynes Play Association

This is a REVIEW of the scrapstore at the Milton Keynes Play Association from when I visited there in 2016. I do not work for the scrapstore and am not connected with them in any way. If you have items to donate please contact them directly, do not email me as you are unlikely to get a response. This is a review to give you an idea of what it’s like there – I’m a mum of two children and feature lots of different free and cheap places to visit in and around Milton Keynes on this website, but you need to contact places directly if you have any questions. (Added April 2022 due to weekly emails from people who want to give me scrap!)

The scrapstore at the Milton Keynes Play Association is a hidden Aladdin’s Cave of recyclable materials which could be used to build anything… it just depends how big your imagination is! It contains items such as foam, felt, fabrics, card, plastics and production cut-offs. They’ve all been donated by various local companies or have been swapped with other scrapstores. When we visited we saw dressing up clothes, wooden discs, role play first-aid items, ribbon, children’s toys, tubes, cotton reels, large cargo nets… the list is endless. It constantly changes! If you visit it’ll probably look completely different to the pictures I have taken. The rather large impressive Shrek is just for display – but is fun to look at.

Because stock is constantly changing the prices for the items vary – but I got the impression smaller items were relatively cheap. A rough price for a trolley of bits and bobs – depending on what you put in it – was given as £10-£15. In order to get to the scrapstore you walk through a craft shop with ‘normal’ stuff in like paper, paint and other craft materials – I’ve included pictures of that as well. Staff were really helpful and would be able to guide you on what materials they have in stock that you could use for a particular project. I think if you are a parent and and do lots of creative crafting with your kids, or are a child minder then the £10 joining fee to access the scrapstore is worth considering pay. It costs more for community groups (£25) or private nurseries (£40). Membership also means you can hire out equipment like bouncy castles, outdoor games and scooters for parties, fetes or community events and access training services they offer.
Reading this and thinking ‘hmmm I work somewhere which is always getting rid of stuff… I wonder if it could be re-used?’ then do give them a call they’re always keen to hear from new companies and they’ll collect the materials too.

Heard about the free play sessions being offered over the half term holidays? It’s the MKPA that does that as well. They’re funded by the parish councils and are in 50 different locations. Do check out their facebook page for all of the latest details.

You’d never come across the MKPA unless you’re a regular visitor to Kiln Farm. It’s on the industrial estate and is next to the Age UK furniture shop and a number of other charity shops (worth popping in to!) It’s also quite near Safari MK and MK Springers. Know roughly where it is? Good!

ADDRESS – 2 Burners Ln, Milton Keynes MK11 3HB

TEL – 01908 263033

We visited in March 2016 – please check their website for the latest opening times, prices and services.

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