The re-vamped park at Bancroft, Milton Keynes opened in February 2019. It includes a really cool wooden climbing frame called the ‘twisted wood adventure’. I took my sons to try it out a few weeks after it opened – at the time we visited they were five and three. Watch my video below and then scroll down for more information. 

Where is the park in Bancroft? 

It’s easy to find. It’s just behind the Meeting Place in Bancroft. The best postcode is MK13 0QB and you’ll see the park set back just off Hadrians Drive. 

What’s at Bancroft Park? 

The highlight is the big wooden climbing frame which includes a wobbly bridge, slide, climbing wall, tunnel and metal bars. There’s also an accessible roundabout, swings and see-saw. In a separate area for younger children there’s a small climbing frame swings and animal rockers. 

What did we think of Bancroft Park and who is it suitable for? 

We loved the park overall and highly recommend going – it’s definitely up there with the best parks in Milton Keynes. My five year old was able to use everything on the climbing frame with the exception of the metal bars which he didn’t feel confident with. My three year old enjoyed playing on the frame but couldn’t use the climbing wall, was uncertain on the balance beam bridge and avoided the metal bars. They are old enough now to be able to use this size climbing frame without me accompanying them, although I still walked around the outside of it. The frame was big enough for them not to get bored and they enjoyed hiding from me in the tunnel. I’d say if you’re children are under three though you would quite possibly need to walk around with them as the sides of the wobbly bridge are open and it’s a drop where the bars are – so if you have more than one young child it could prove tricky. My sons LOVED the accessible roundabout – part of it is a bit like a scooter so they really liked whizzing around on it. The other play area is definitely aimed at younger toddlers – a good first climbing frame if they’re really little – but didn’t hold any interest for my three year old. 

What else can we do in the local area? 

Get back on the footpath and with the big play area on your right keep walking and you’ll come to a stream and a bridge. The bridge takes you to the remains of the Roman Villa. My five year old, who is interested in history and can read the signs found it really interesting, my three year old less so. It’s set in North Loughton Valley Park which is a lovely walk, and the concrete cows are also there. If you’re from outside of Milton Keynes then you could include it as part of a much bigger day out by visiting Milton Keynes Museum where you pay once and go all year. The park at Wolverton is also good fun and worth a visit if you fancy park hopping. And if you want to find even more places to visit locally do have a look at my map. 

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