One of the benefits of the creation of new estates in Milton Keynes is that they often include new parks. This is a review of what we immediately dubbed the beach park in Glebe Farm. If you discover this park for the first time and find my reviews useful, please do consider buying me a coffee. Milton Keynes Kids is run independently with no advertising.

Where is the beach park? 

The beach park in located in the new part of Glebe Farm, Milton Keynes which is next to the A421 heading to junction 13 of the M1. This is a residential area that was still under a lot of construction when we went in February 2021. It’s easy to get to by car. If you’re coming from Milton Keynes head up the A421, then at the roundabout with the Greg Rutherford (jumping man) sculpture on, take a right. At the bottom of the road turn right and the park is there. At the time we visited the area was still being developed there were very few road signs. BUT I think road it’s off is called Burney Drive near the junction with Liverdy Grove and the postcode is MK17 8LD. You can also access the path on foot or bike as there is a redway which runs parallel with the A421 from the BP roundabout.

What’s the beach park like? 

The beach park is great fun. Both my sons – aged seven and five at the time we visited – loved it. I always think if a park is themed, it makes it more memorable and exciting to return to. This has really brightly coloured soft floor representing the sea and the sand as well as sea creatures is really playful. The wall is also coloured too. The climbing frame is suitable for younger children and has a net up the side to climb which is good for toddlers. It also has a fireman’s pole and steps with a rope on the other side. There’s an accessible roundabout and stones to jump between. There’s also a nest swing. One of the best surprises (ok this won’t be a surprise for you but it will be for your children and you’ll know to look out for it) is that there is an orange ball with a handle to turn. If your children turn it then it starts playing music – nursery rhymes and children’s songs. There’s a good amount of space to run around.

Where else can we go from the beach park? 

From the beach park, you could walk, scoot or cycle along the redway (great smooth path for scooting) down to the crocodile park opposite the BP Garage. For Greg Rutherford fans you can also go under the A421 and pop out the other side to see a plaque for the sculpture that’s on the roundabout. For a longer cycle, have a look at my map for more parks in Wavendon and Wavendon Gate.

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