This is an independent review of an excellent large park which opened in Fairfields, Milton Keynes in April 2021. It’s one of many free to visit parks in Milton Keynes you can read reviews about on this website. 

Where is the park in Fairfields, Milton Keynes?

We visited the park in April 2021 not long after it had first opened. It’s located in Fairfields which was a relatively new part of Milton Keynes at the point we went. It’s located behind Ceres Grove which is just off Cicero Crescent. I believe the postcode is MK11 4DR. Do bear in mind this is a residential area so be considerate where you park as there isn’t a car park. If you use what 3 words then the address is contained.recount.copies

What’s Fairfields Park like?

My two boys were seven and five at the time we first visited the park in Fairfields and they were really impressed with it. I’d say it’s definitely aimed more at slightly older children and good climbers rather than toddlers. It’s not gated. The bigger of the two climbing frames was fun and my seven year old managed to climb around it with ease. There’s also springy white things they liked and a nest swing. The zipwire is a good size. My five year was just about big enough to retrieve it and climb up the platform. I don’t recommend grown-ups go on this one though. Go past the zipwire and there’s another climbing frame, again suitable for older children. My seven year old did struggle with part of it as there’s a rope to balance on high up and then several to ropes to hold on to in order to walk across – it was more like a tightrope and he really didn’t like that bit of it. The park is spacious with plenty of room to run around. 

Where can we go after the park in Fairfields? 

We had fun at the park and then decided to explore following the white footpath out of the park. That took us to an area overlooking fields and we spotted some cows. I think there is a public footpath that runs through the field although we continued along the path. I don’t know how far the path takes you but I think it goes on some way. We checked the google maps and found ‘All Hallows Park” which is just off Fabius Drive. It’s a brightly coloured park, and if you drove to the bigger park in Fairfields you may have seen it on your way. That’s where our adventure in Fairfields ended, but if you want to make more of your journey if you’ve travelled to this park, do make sure you have a look at my map to see where else you can visit a short drive away. 


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