Parks in Milton Keynes

There are so many brilliant parks in Milton Keynes. Click each picture for a full review. You can park hop from one to the next.

This is an independent guide to some of the best parks in Milton Keynes. If you find this a useful resource and visit some of the ones I’ve featured please do consider buying me a coffee to support the running and creation of this website. Thank you.

Blanchard Crescent, Monkston, MK10 9GG
Blue Park in Monkston, MK10 9BX
Snail Park, Walnut Tree, MK7 7LR 
Hindhead Knoll, Walnut Tree, MK7 7PB
Kents Hill Local Park
Kents Hill Local Park, MK7 6DR
Interactive board with play weather dials set in tarmac painted like a thunder cloud with lightning.
Weather park, Kents Hill, MK7 6HQ
Castle park at Wavendon Gate Pavillion, MK7 7RZ
Wavendon Park,  MK17 8LH

Crocodile Park, Glebe Farm

Beach park, Glebe Farm, MK17 8LD

Winnie-the-Pooh Park, Browns Wood, MK7 8DX

Brooklands Pavilion Park, MK10 7HN
Brooklands Park off Maritime Way, MK10 7FS
Brooklands Meadow Park, MK10 7ER

Vanguard Circle Park, Brooklands, MK10 7JB

Prehistoric Park, Broughton, MK10 7DH

Woolstone Local Park, MK15 0AB

Willen Lake, MK15 0DJ 

Pirate ship park, Fishermead – MK6 2LD

Downhead Park, MK15 9AP
Downs Barn Park, MK14 7LN 

Sherington Pre-School Park, MK16 9PB (selected times)

Chicheley Street Park, Newport Pagnell, MK16 9AP
Emberton Country Park, MK46 5FJ (pay to park)
Redhouse Park play area & art trail, MK14 5FD
Dragon Park, Great Linford, MK14 5HA
Serjeants Green play area, Neath Hill, MK14 6NA
Stanton Low Park, Oakridge Park, MK14 6FF
Bradville Park, MK13 7BT
New Bradwell Sandpit Park
Bancroft Park, MK13 0QB

Greenleys Park, MK12 6AJ

Western Road Recreation Ground, Wolverton,  MK12 5GH
Fairfields Park, MK11 4DR
All Hallows Park, Fairfields, MK11 4DB
Old Stratford, MK19 6NL
Wind in the Willows Park, Great Holm, MK8 9DH
Pirate Park in Loughton, MK5 8DJ

Horse park, Loughton, MK5 8ED

Castle Park, Shenley Brook End, MK5 7FA
Small Lorax sculpture in front of a pink wooden house style climbing frame.

Lorax Park, Shenley Church End, MK5 6BY

Allington play area, Kingsmead, MK4 4EE

Howe Park Wood, MK4 4DD
Newton Longville, MK17 0AT
Newton Leys Parks and lake, MK3 5PN

Stoke Hammond Park, MK17 9DB

Sandpit Park, Walton Park, MK7 7HX
Caldecotte Lake and miniature railway, MK7 8HP

Dinosaur skeleton park, Caldecotte, MK7 8AD (then walk)

Simpson Park, MK6 3AY
Little Brickhill Park, MK17 9LZ
Bow Brickhill Park, MK17 9JB

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