We love the Big Birdhouse Tour at Intu MK. For anyone wondering that’s the ‘new bit’ of the shopping centre in the middle of Milton Keynes. There’s 15 birdhouses to look at and they’ve all been designed by well-known British talent to raise money for the RSPB. You can’t go in them but it’s well worth looking all the way around them as some are different on the back to the front. Each one isn’t far from the next and so it’s very easy for little ones to explore and find the next one. My toddler loved running to the next one. I’m sure you and the kids will have a favourite. I really liked the furry Jo Whiley one and the sporty Iwan Thomas one, my 2 year old liked ‘the one with the pretty flowers’. The exhibition runs until January 30th 2016. You don’t have to pay to see them they are dotted around the perimeter of the Intu part of the shopping centre – start at Waterstones and walk round to New Look or vice versa!

Bird Birdhouse Tour Gallery

A selection of images from the Big Birdhouse Tour at Intu Milton Keynes

Big Birdhouse tour at Intu MK

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