There’s a really lovely art trail that runs along the canal between Downhead Park and Pennyland in Milton Keynes. It’s called the Gyosei Art Trail and is free to do. It’s one of a number of local walks that are featured on my website that you may enjoy doing as an adult or with children. You can do the walk at any time. If you do find any of my reviews useful please do consider buying me a coffee – this website is run with no adverts or funding. 

Where do we park to find the Gyosei Art Trail? 

The easiest do direct you to which is closest to the start of the trail is to park off the road near the Downhead park play area. It’s also known as the rhino park. The nearest postcode is MK15 9AP which is Colesbourne Drive. From there you should see the play area. It’s quite an old play area and could do with updating really but has a fun jeep, slide, swings and brightly coloured rhino. I’ll suggest a couple of alternative places to park further down should you fancy a longer walk.

Where do we go to explore the Gyosei Art Trail? 

From the play area walk down to the canal. (You’ll see a bridge there, don’t go over it, but remember it for later. Should you want to head towards Willen Lake that’s the bridge you go over.) Anyway for the art trail, take a left along the canal – we found it better to explore the start of the trail with the canal on our right but there are eight art works in total and they’re on both sides of the canal. So you can walk up one side and down the other. This booklet has a map which shows you where they each are and information about the artists. Our favourite pieces to find were the frog on the bench, the mosaic and the pretty bench.



Where do we go once we’ve spotted all the art work on the Gyosei Art Trail? 

If you want to continue following the canal I believe it’ll take you through Pennyland and then on to Great Linford and then on to Great Linford Manor Park. Or you can turn around once you’ve found the last of the art pieces and if you walk back on yourselves but on the opposite side of the canal, then there are a couple of play areas before you arrive back at the bridge which can take you to Downhead Park where you may have parked. OR instead of going back to Downhead Park at the bridge, take a left and you’ll get to Willen Lake. Or keep going down the canal and you’ll get to Campbell Park. It all links up. It’s best to have a look at google maps if you’re unfamiliar with the wider area as it’s a bit tricky to explain. If you’re looking for a much longer walk as mentioned earlier you can start at Campbell Park and walk along the canal from there. There are some wonderful trees that line that part of the route. 

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