Kents Hill local park is a good sized residential park in Milton Keynes with a variety of play equipment for children. This is one of many reviews of free local parks I have written on my website. I run Milton Keynes Kids at a cost to me, so if you do find it useful then please consider buying me a coffee to help towards the running costs of it. This review of Kents Hill local park is based on our most recent visit in May 2022 when my two sons were eight and six.
Climbing frame with a small slide, with a large slide in the background
Small slide and two baby swings

Where is Kents Hill local park?

Kents Hill Local Park is located in the residential area of Kents Hill in Milton Keynes. It is free to visit. There are no toilets as this is a residential area. There is a good amount of parking near the pavilion. The address for this is Frithwood Cres, Kents Hill, Milton Keynes MK7 6HQ. The basketball court is visible from the pavilion. The rest of the play equipment is located behind the basketball court. Do bear in mind it’s a residential area and football matches are played on the fields so it can be busy. If you struggle to walk, you could potentially park on Sweetlands Corner which is right behind the park, MK7 6DR, but bear in mind it’s used by local residents. 

Wooden steps on red tarmac at the top of a hill which lead to a metal slide.
Small green metal roundabout and small slide

Whats at the play area in Kents Hill?

The play area in Kents Hill contains quite a lot of equipment including a big metal slide in which you walk up the hill to get to it. There’s also a nest swing, wooden balance beam equipment, triangle shaped net climbing frame, a brightly coloured smaller climbing frame, roundabout and baby swing. There is only one baby swing though frustratingly. It’s behind a basketball court where there are also fields for playing football. It’s not gated although it’s away from the road. My children enjoyed it when we last visited – they were 8 and 6 at the time. There are benches and you could take a picnic. Some of the equipment was showing signs of wear when we went, although my children didn’t really pay much attention to that. 

Big swings and red triangle net climbing frame
Obstacle course equipment
Green and yellow climbing frame with a slide on tarmac

Where could we visit after Kents Hill Local Park? 

A short walk away is an old but quirky weather themed park. There’s also some good parks in neighbouring Monkston or Walnut Tree which you could cycle or drive too. You can find them all on my map of places we’ve visited.

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