The Lorax themed park opened in February 2023 – well I say opened – when we visited it was all open apart from a a zipwire and some gym equipment. This is a residential park set in among houses in the Shenley Church End area of Milton Keynes. 

Large wooden climbing frame with a slide

Where is the Lorax Park located? 

The Lorax park is located just off Pigott Drive in the Shenley Church End area of Milton Keynes. This is a residential area so if you are visiting by car you’ll need to park considerately. An approximate postcode is MK5 6BY. It’s short walk from Glastonbury Thorn School. This is just the one play area. 

Children's play area with a floor trampoline and pink wooden house with slide

What’s the Lorax park like? 

The Lorax park looks really impressive. The first section is aimed at younger children with a pink wooden house with slide. There’s also a bell on it to ring. There’s a see-saw and a floor trampoline, as well as one of those sit on things you can spin around. There’s quite a lot of space giving children room to run around although they easily could have fitted something else in there. The floor is tarmacked. It’s a really attractive looking park. The Lorax theme means it’s easy to remember and adds some personality to the play area. My youngest son – who was seven at the time we visited – liked talking into the speakers – one of which was inside the pink house, the other was outside of it. The other section is aimed more at older children with a large wooden climbing frame which incorporates a slide. The slide is quite fast. There’s also a swing that spins around. When we visited in February 2023 the path connecting the two play areas hadn’t yet opened. The zipwire also hadn’t opened and neither had the gym equipment. The play areas are not gated. This is what I would describe as a ‘destination park’ and we would definitely visit again. 

Pink wooden play house at a park with a wooden see-saw
Large wooden climbing frame
Wooden gym equipment in front of a wire fence

Where else could we go after the Lorax park? 

There are lots of excellent residential parks in Milton Keynes. Have a look at the parks section of my website which features lots of play areas we’ve visited since 2015. If you want to visit one nearby have a look at my map

Pink wooden house climbing frame with a small slide

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