There’s a dinosaur themed play are called the prehistoric park in Broughton, Milton Keynes. This is a review of the park with some helpful tips about where else to go if you make more of your visit. This is one of loads of reviews of parks in Milton Keynes which are featured on this website. If you find the info useful please do consider buying me a coffee to support the costs of running Milton Keynes Kids. Thank you. 

Where is the prehistoric park? 

The prehistoric park is located in Broughton – a residential area of Milton Keynes. The park is free to visit and is owned and managed by The Park’s Trust. There isn’t a car park for the play area, but it’s relatively easy to park nearby. The address is Watercress Way, Broughton, MK10 7DH. There are no toilets. The park is gated. It’s relatively easy to find. 


What’s the Prehistoric Park like? 

I personally love a themed park as do my children. It can make them more memorable and encourages role play. My boys liked the idea of the dinosaur climbing frame and thought the wobbly bridge part of it was good fun and it was suitable for younger children. But even my 7 year old, who loves climbing and monkey bars found the ones on this climbing frame tricky to get across as they’re quite far apart. And then the rungs of the ladder up to the slide weren’t great for my 5 year old. I think possible a design which would allow younger children to climb right the way across would have been a better option, as well as easier steps up to the slide, particularly given that the other equipment in the park – the swings, roundabout and see-saw are all fine for younger children. The park is gated and there’s actually plenty of space and benches to have a picnic there and for children to run around safely. I do wonder if more of that space could have been used for play equipment. Any time we’ve been that part of it has been very quiet. It is well maintained and in the summer the plants look pretty. I’d say it’s worth a visit if you’re local to the area, or want to do a tour of the parks in Broughton, but perhaps not one to drive to far out of your way to visit. 

Where else can we go after the prehistoric park? 

The prehistoric park is a short walk from Broughton Brook which is a linear park. It’s roughly about 4km as a circular walk. Parks worth visiting around Broughton Brook include the Haverthwaite play area which is at the top end towards Kingston and includes a skate park. There’s also a park just off Kidderminster Walk and another smaller one near the church. The nearest loos that I know of are at Tesco at Kingston. If you want to walk / scoot / cycle further then nearby Brooklands also has lots of great parks and you can find them on the parks section of my website and if you want to see what else is a short drive away do have a look at my my map of all the best parks we’ve visited. It’s fully compatible with google maps so you can use it to walk or drive to your next adventure. 

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