*** PLEASE NOTE this review was written before the coronavirus pandemic. It does not contain the latest information about social distancing or facilities. 

There are some wonderful hidden gems in Milton Keynes – and this is one of them – the stepping stones in Loughton. You can combine it with a visit to the pirate park, the Grumpy Cook Cafe which has loos and nice walk or scoot around Lodge Lake.

Where are the stepping stones in Milton Keynes? 

The stepping stones are in Loughton Valley Park in Milton Keynes. The nearest postcode is MK5 8EP. They’re just off Linceslade Grove but not immediately visible from the road – the map below pinpoints where they are. However, we have now gone twice and parked at Lodge Lake then walked to them – or at the pirate park and walked. Carry on reading for more details about those – but if you just want to go to the stepping stones then that’s the nearest location.  

What are the stepping stones in Loughton and what are they like? 

The stepping stones are a small location of interest owned by the Parks Trust. There are large stones with gaps in between over a shallow stream. My sons were six and four when I took them. My eldest son could jump from one to the next with ease. His younger brother was a bit apprehensive but managed to do it. I suspect if your children are much smaller then they may struggle and so you’d want to lift them from one to the next. The stream is shallow. My sons had a paddle but wore flip flops and stayed close to the stones. It was good old fashioned fun and we were probably there for about half an hour playing. My eldest would have stayed for longer. 

Where else can you go before or after the stepping stones?

To make more of your visit to the area I’d suggest you visit the pirate park either before or after which is only a short walk away. You need to walk down Linceslade Grove or through Loughton Valley Park to get there if you’ve already been to the stepping stones. Or if you want to go to the pirate park first then the address to park is outside the Grumpy Cook Cafe, The Pavilion, Lincslade Grove 
Milton Keynes MK5 8DL. Essentially put ‘stepping stones, Loughton’ into google maps and you’ll be able to see where to go from there if you’re walking. 

What’s the pirate park like? 

We’ve been going to the pirate park in Loughton for ages. It’s one of our favourite parks in Milton Keynes. You can read more about the adventure we had there back in 2017 here when my two sons were just four and two. But essentially it’s fab. There’s a big wooden pirate ship, pirate roundabout, see-saw, swings, and a hammock swing. There’s lots of sand so it’s worth taking a bucket and spade if you have children who like digging. Behind this area is another big climbing frame which is more suitable for children aged five up. The park is not gated so you will need to keep a good eye on the children. Although it’s set back from the car park so it’s in a relatively good location. The one thing that has changed for 2019 and is a great addition is that there’s now a cafe there. We had a coffee, ice-cream and cake when we went. There are loos there too – and it’s dog friendly – so you could spend hours in this area – it’s so fab to have excellent facilities at a local park. It goes without saying that you must take your rubbish home if the bins are full – the park can get popular so sometimes it happens. 

Where else is near the Stepping Stones that’s good to visit? 

Lodge Lake is very close by. The second time we wanted to go to the stepping stones we actually parked there then walked up. The best postcode if you want to do that too is MK5 8BS and it’s free to park  – start walking clockwise around it – but when you get to the top of the lake the path veers off to the left and under the road – follow the path around to the right and you’ll come to Linceslade Road – on your left over the grass mound is where the stepping stones are. (If you’re coming from the stepping stones to walk to the lake just check on google maps or follow those previous instructions backwards!) The lake is smaller than many of the others in Milton Keynes and so is ideal if you have young children and want a nice walk or scoot. There are LOADS of platforms for fishing. My sons loved to sit on them and pretend to fish. There’s no play equipment around the lake – but there is some gym equipment. It’s well worth a walk around anyway – even if you don’t do the other things I’ve mentioned. 

We liked this adventure, where else can we go that’s free or cheap? 

Have a look at both the parks section and the country parks sections of this website. 


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