There’s an excellent play area located in the village of Stoke Hammond, a village in Buckinghamshire located between Milton Keynes and Leighton Buzzard. The park is free to visit and this is one of many reviews of play areas you can find on this website. We visited Stoke Hammond park in April 2021 when my two sons were aged seven and five. 

Where is Stoke Hammond park? 

Stoke Hammond park is located in the peaceful village of Stoke Hammond in Buckinghamshire. It’s located just off Bragenham Side and is opposite the field for Stoke Hammond sports club. We used the postcode MK17 9DB. It was relatively easy to find, although you do feel like you’re driving to a dead end. We parked opposite the play area. There was a car park for the community hall but it wasn’t open. 

What is Stoke Hammond park like?

Stoke Hammond park is a good sized play area for a village. It’s not gated. There’s quite a lot of play equipment including a couple of climbing frames. There’s a zipwire, small slide. swings and nest swing. Much of the equipment is aimed at younger children and the climbing frames are both quite low level. My 5 year old found there was plenty to keep him entertained and there was lots of room to run around. The nest swing went quite high which he loved. The only downside was the zipwire. It works, but there’s no room to pull it back and let go, so you might bash into the frame if you do that. There’s also a basketball court. There’s also plenty of green space if you want to picnic. We were the only ones there. 

Where else can we go after Stoke Hammond park? 

At the time of writing, we’d only been to Stoke Hammond park a couple of times. However if you fancy a nice walk along the canal then you only have to walk along Bragenham Side to the bridge and there’s the canal. The shortest walk I think you can do it to the Three Locks pub. Or if you fancy cycling then the canal runs between Bletchley and Leighton Buzzard. If you want to jump back in the car and head back to Milton Keynes then you could stop off at the parks in Newton Leys or Newton Longville. 

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