The beach at Frosts Garden Centre in Woburn Sands re-opens on Saturday 21st May 2016 for the summer. I’ve taken my toddler for the last couple of years and he’s really enjoyed visiting. The beach was a reasonable size and were plenty of buckets and spades and other toys to play with, so we found there was no need to take our own. There was a soft play area and a carousel. The children got a couple of rides on the carousel. They also got squash and fruit included. The price for the morning and afternoon sessions have stayed the same as last year at £4.99 and the lunchtime session which includes lunch is £6.99. We found the staff – dressed as lifeguards – good fun as they entertain the children with stories and beach games. Because the morning one starts at 9.30am we found going at that time was quieter as not everyone may be able to make it that early. If you’ve got little ones, it may be worth going on a weekday not in the school holidays if you’re also looking to go at a quieter time.

Interestingly, there is no charge to use the beach at the Frosts Garden Centres in Willington and Millets Farm. From what I understand it’s because there are more facilities for the children at the one in Woburn Sands and also the others don’t include refreshments or beach games. So is it worth paying? Well, if your children simply want to play in sand then there are a number of parks with sands in and around Milton Keynes that you may like to visit, which of course are free. And it it’s a free beach you’re looking for, then you may like to wait until the one at Centre MK returns later this year. However, if you’re looking to meet somewhere with friends where you can play with the children, but also have a cappuccino and a catch up then Frosts is definitely a good option… the children can’t go very far and there’s enough to keep them entertained for a couple of hours; they do delicious food and drink there and the café is beautiful; and if you’re anything like me and enjoy pottering around looking at vintage style homeware, quality toys and plants then it’s worth a visit anyway.

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The beach at Frosts Garden Centre in Woburn Sands

A selection of images from our visit to Frosts in Summer 2015

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