Brooklands in Milton Keynes is an excellent area for lots of free parks for children. It’s a modern house estate and there are a number of play areas within walking distance of each other. You can find the others on the parks section of Milton Keynes Kids. This review is about the play area in Vanguard Circle in Brooklands. 

Where is the Vanguard Circle Park? 

The park is at Vanguard Circle, Brooklands, Milton Keynes. The postcode we used was MK10 7JB. This is a small residential play area. There isn’t a car park so please do park considerately if you go. We have always parked easily in the off road spaces which go around in a circle. There are no toilets there although should you want to get refreshments then there is a Lidl or Sainsburys Local nearby. 

What’s the park in Vanguard Circle in Brooklands like? 

We first discovered this park in the Spring of 2019 and I believe it was fairly new at that time. We were instantly attracted by the bright colours and it really appealed to my children. There are two climbing frames. The little one is good for young toddlers, the larger more suitable for my eldest son who was six when we first visited but my then four year old struggled a bit – but found the smaller climbing frame a bit boring. There’s a look tunnel which both of my children liked crawling through and running over. There’s a low level boat which was good for role play as well as a nest swing. There was benches for parents to sit. It’s not gated although it’s fairly easy to keep an eye on the children as everything is within a circle. 

Any tips for visiting Vanguard Circle park?

This is a small residential park so I’d only suggest visiting if you’re reasonably local. The nearest toilets that I’m aware of are at Tesco in Kingston. If you are going there I’d suggest you might want to combine it with a visit to one or more of the other parks in Brooklands. You can walk between them but it’s well worth looking at my map so you can decide which ones you fancy going to and in what order. 

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