Snail Park in Walnut Tree

There’s a lovely snail themed park in the residential area of Walnut tree in Milton Keynes. It’s an excellent free park in Milton Keynes and has been one of our favourites since I started Milton Keynes Kids in 2015.  


Where is the snail park in Walnut Tree in Milton Keynes? 

You can’t see the snail park from the road – it is rather hidden – and even with giving you the postcode – you still might think you’re in the wrong location. An approximate postcode is MK7 7LR which is for Pinfold. We then walked across the field just off Walton Road to get to the park. You’ll be able to find it on the Milton Keynes Kids Map which will give you a clear indication of where the park is in relation to the road. 

What’s the snail park in Walnut Tree in Milton Keynes like? 

It’s good fun. Once you cross into the grassed area you come to some fab sculptures – three snails in total – which are good for the children to play on. Walk pass those and you’ll come to a cute climbing frame with slide, swings, nest swing, see-saw and another snail. I’d say it’s most suitable for under 5s because the climbing frame is small – but like many parks, older children will enjoy parts of it too. It’s not gated, but it is away from the road so I think children are relatively safe. It can be really pretty there and worth taking a picnic. 

Which other parks in Milton Keynes can we visit? 

There are loads of good parks in Milton Keynes – and this is a great location for them as there are many nearby. Have a look at the parks section on Milton Keynes Kids.

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