There are lots of free parks in residential areas of Milton Keynes. This is a review of Allington Park in the Kingsmead area of Milton Keynes which I visited in Spring 2021 with my son who at the time was five years old. You can find all my other reviews of play areas in the parks section of my website.


Where is the Allington Circle play area? 

The Allington Circle play area is located in the residential area of Kingsmead, Milton Keynes. An approximate postcode is MK4 4EE. There isn’t a car park. I wouldn’t suggest parking in the circle itself, as there are lots of cars there, we drove until we found a quieter residential street a short distance away. There are no toilets here.

What is the park at Great Allington Circle like?

I took my five year old to the park in Spring of 2021. He had a great time. There’s a couple of brightly coloured climbing frames which were both age suitable for him. The smaller of the two would be fine for toddlers. There’s also baby swings, big swings, roundabout and a see-saw. It’s not gated, although when we went it was very quiet. There’s a good amount of space to run around. When we visited it was Spring and there was lots of pink blossom out. I’d say it’s a good park for toddlers up to about the age of seven and a nice to go for a picnic. If you’re not local do have a look at my map of play areas to see where we might have visited nearby. 

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