There’s a cool castle themed park in Shenley Brook End in Milton Keynes which opened in January 2018. The short video below gives you an idea of what it looked like when we visited in August 2018.

Where is the park in Shenley Brook End?

The park is on a field on the opposite side to Cashmere Close. The best postcode is MK5 7FA. We parked on the road and it wasn’t busy. The play equipment was easy to spot.


Shenley Brook End park

What’s at park in Shenley Brook End like?

The main feature is the castle climbing frame and it’s good fun. We always like parks which have a theme as they lend themselves to role play. At the time of visiting, my sons were five and three. My eldest got the most out of it managing to climb up the levels and walk around it. My youngest could only really use the lower platform – although one of which accesses the slide so he went up and down that. The only thing to be aware of – which older children will enjoy – but really to watch out for with younger ones – is that there is an opening at the top and the only way of getting down is via parallel bars. Now my three year old couldn’t climb up that high, and my 5 year old didn’t attempt it, but keep a close eye on adventurous toddlers just in case. Otherwise there are two big wooden thrones – good for adults to sit down on! There used to be a really cool boulder piece of equipment – but from what I hear it was damaged and was taken away. Otherwise there is a nest swing, other swings, a see-saw, some gym equipment and a roundabout. So I’d say if you have young toddlers it’s not the best park to go out of your way for, but worth visiting if your children are of an age where they can climb well up platforms and climbing walls.


Shenley Brook End park

We’re travelling from further afield what other parks can we go to in the local area?

Probably the best and closest themed parks local to this area are the Wind in the Willows park in Great Holm – best for younger children and also the pirate park in Loughton which is suitable for a range of ages. That said should you want to venture slightly further afield in Milton Keynes, have a look at my map where you’ll find lots of other places to visit.

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