There are lots of brilliant parks and play areas in Milton Keynes. You can find all of our previous reviews of parks in Milton Keynes here. We were very excited to hear a new play area had opened in Greenleys in Milton Keynes in December 2019 – I took my two boys to play there in January 2020. At the time we visited there were six and four years old and it was very muddy. There’s some wooden play equipment which is set up in an obstacle course, two lots of swings which both include a big swing and a baby swing, and a zip wire. 

Where is Greenleys Park? 

Greenleys Park is in Milton Keynes. We’d heard it was near Pinders Croft so that’s the street I put in my sat nav. I’d suggest the best postcode is MK12 6AJ. We didn’t park in that street though we parked just off Field Lane. From there we got out of the car and walked left down Pinders Croft – when you get to the end of the road (it’s a dead end) walk up the hill and on the other side of the hill there’s the play area. 

What are the best bits about the park in Greenleys? 

We liked the design of it. It’s effectively an obstacle course which includes a small slide and a see-saw. It’s also got a small version of those money bar things – the silver bars children slide down. It’s the first time my four year old had tried them because at other bars they’re up quite high. That said they were too low for my six year old. There’s also big swings and baby swings. The play equipment itself is set in stones and bark. There’s a cool wooden apple core. It’s a good size and my children had a good time playing on it – I’d say it’s a good one if you’ve got toddlers and older siblings as there’s something for both – mine are probably a good age for it as I write this now. It’s all quite low level though so if your children are more into big climbing frames this isn’t one for them. 

What are the downsides of Greenleys Park in Milton Keynes?

The first thing my children noticed when we arrived at Pinders Croft was the amount of rubbish in the area – strewn on the floor – and lots thrown over the fence – it looked quite awful. The field the play area is in was fine though litter wise. The play area is located in a field. There isn’t a path from Pinders Croft to the park. Perhaps it’s more accessible from another nearby road I don’t know. The surface beneath the play equipment is made up of bark in one part of it and stones in the other. In wet weather that itself wasn’t a problem. However the park is in the middle of a field and the ground around it was very muddy. It was so boggy in some areas you couldn’t possibly walk on it. So I’d definitely advise you wear wellies if you visit at a time where it’s rained because otherwise it’s very slippy and your shoes will get caked in mud – even if you’re careful. The other problem with it when we visited was the zipwire. The platform to get on it isn’t very high so my son – who was 6 at the time of writing – couldn’t get on it without me lifting him. I didn’t attempt it but I think I would have struggled too and I’m 5’6″, Once I did get my son on it it wasn’t very fast and although he made it to the end, it didn’t spring back very much. 

Is it worth visiting Greenleys Park in Milton Keynes? 

Yes, my sons had a good time and liked discovering a hidden park and the obstacle course design encourages them to moved around a lot. You do need to be prepared for the mud though if you go when it’s been wet so take wellies – otherwise hold off and go in drier weather. And although the zipwire was disappointing there’s enough wooden play equipment and swings to keep them busy. It’s a great shame there isn’t a path to access the play area though – I don’t know this part of Milton Keynes very well but I do wonder if it could have been built in a more accessible and appropriate location. 

Where can we go once we’ve been to Greenleys Park? 

There are two parks very close to Greenleys Park in Milton Keynes. One of our favourites is Bancroft park which is absolutely lovely. There’s a fab climbing frame there, a super fast accessible roundabout and it’s only a short walk over the bridge to the Roman ruins. You could also visit Western Road Recreation Ground in Wolverton which is next to the swimming pool. 

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