We had an hour or so to kill around the Newport Pagnell area on a hot, sunny day in August 2019 and so decided to visit the park at Sherington Pre-School in Sherington – not too far from Olney and only a 7 minute drive from the edge of Newport Pagnell. I recall back in November 2016 the pre-school fundraising to get it revamped and remember what it looked like before, so we were looking forward to seeing for ourselves what it’s like now. The upshot is, it’s lovely – we should have visited sooner! Watch my video below and then scroll down for more information. 

Where is Sherington Pre-School play area and park? 

Sherington Pre-School play area is in Sherington, a village in the borough of Milton Keynes. The address is Village Hall, Church Rd, Sherington, Newport Pagnell MK16 9PB. The what3words location is here. (For those not familiar with what3words is an app that can pinpoint you to a 3x3m squared location – i’m going to add it to all my posts when I remember.) It’s not a place that you would drive through unless you’re going to the village so this is really is a hidden gem. The play area for under 5s is situated within the grounds of the pre-school and it’s gated. Outside of this play area there is some more play equipment for slightly older ones. The pre-school play area can only be used when it’s not being used by children at the pre-school – so you can’t go during certain hours in term time. After pre-school, weekends and in the holidays it’s fine to use. See picture below for the hours. 

What’s Sherington Pre-School play area like? 

The play area is really lovely. There’s a small climbing frame with slide, a hill with slide and tunnel and a mud kitchen. There’s also a small track for little scooters and cars. It’s gated and small and so is an excellent contained space for young children. It’s for under 5s. The mud kitchen had a little bit of soil in but not much. It’s brilliant that this space can be used by the community as well as the pre-school and is a great example to set to others. 


What else is there? 

There’s also some other play equipment which can be used at any time including a metal climbing wall / frame, slide and roundabout, There’s also some big swings which are quite tall so both my six and four year old sons enjoyed going high on them. At the time we visited there was also two big conker trees which my boys loved – probably their most favourite part of this park. 

Where else can we go after Sherington? 

Get back on the A509 and head to Emberton Country Park which is only a short drive away. The address is Olney Rd, Emberton, Olney MK46 5FJ. You do pay to park. You can find my previous review here. If you want to do a free park tour and then here’s all the parks in Milton Keynes that we like. 

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