Stanton Low Park is a large free park in Oakridge Park and arguably one of the best parks in Milton Keynes. There’s play equipment, a bike track and it connects up to some lovely walks. It’s one of many reviews of free parks you’ll find on this website. If you do find it a useful resource please do consider buying me a coffee to support the running of it. There are no adverts and all reviews focus on free and cheap places to take children locally. 

Where is Stanton Low Park? 

Stanton Low Park is in the residential area of Oakridge Park in Milton Keynes. It’s a Parks Trust site and is one of the largest parks with play equipment in Milton Keynes. There is a dedicated free car park. I wouldn’t say the car park is that easy to find as it’s at the far end of the park but it’s off Newport Road next to the Oakridge Park Local Centre where Asda is located. DON’T PARK IN THE RESIDENTIAL AREA. Assuming you have parked in the correct car park it is a bit of a walk to the play equipment and bike track down the path so don’t worry if you don’t see it straight away. Or you can park in the local centre itself as far as I know at the time of writing – the postcode is MK14 6FF. Do make sure there are no time restrictions by checking the latest signage.  There is also a small car park for disabled people off Selkirk Drive.

What are the best bits about Stanton Low Park? 

If you asked my children they’d probably say the best thing is the bike / scooter track. The bumps aren’t too high and so it’s good for young children. My children went around it (with help) on their balance bikes before they went on their big bikes. It’s a good size and my youngest son who was five at the time of writing this review was able to easily cycle around by himself. They also really enjoy the zipwire which is probably one of the best in Milton Keynes as it’s quite long and goes quickly. There’s a good variety of play equipment spread out in a field including tunnels, swings, a see-saw and beams. 

What else is there at Stanton Low Park? 

Stanton Low Park is next to the canal and is a great place to spot canal boats. If you go up and over the bridge and into the field then at certain times of the year you may see cows. Once in the field to your left you should see some old ruins. They are the remains of the 12th Century St Peter’s Church. You can explore around them but be mindful that this is one of the most historic sites in Milton Keynes and so don’t move any of the stones. 

Any downsides of Stanton Low Park in Milton Keynes?

There are no toilets. That’s the biggest thing. It has the feel of a small country park but without the facilities. You can easily spend a couple of hours there but then have nowhere to pee. The car park is not that close to the play equipment, so if you have really young children you might want to take a buggy. The play equipment is spread out, which is great for exercise and for children who love to run around, but it does mean if you have young ones you’ll need to keep a close eye on them. It might also be useful if there were a couple of signs. If you’re visiting for the first time you might not know where to find the play equipment or the church. The play equipment is set in grass so it will get muddy in the winter. Other than that it’s great to have a big open space with a bike track in a lovely setting. You can quite quickly feel like you’re in the countryside but are on the edge of Milton Keynes.

Where else can we walk from Stanton Low Park? 

There’s a play area a short walk away off Winchcombe Meadows in Oakridge Park. You can also follow the canal to Stonepit Field and Great Linford Manor Park.

We enjoyed Stanton Low Park, where else can we go that’s similar? 

If your kids enjoy bike tracks then I highly recommend the pump track at the Winnie-the-Pooh park in Browns Wood. 

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