One of the best places we discovered for a fun free local walk during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 was Tattenhoe Valley Park in Milton Keynes. There are multiple locations of stepping stones and you can make the walk as short or as long as you like. This review is based on our visits between May and June 2020. If you do find this post useful and create some wonderful memories with your children, please do consider buying me a coffee to help with the running costs of this website, Milton Keynes Kids is run independently with no advertising in addition to my day job and looking after two children. Thank you. 

Where is Tattenhoe Valley Park? 

Tattenhoe Valley Park is in Milton Keynes and is one of many areas of parkland managed by The Parks Trust. The park is free to visit and free to park. The closest free car park we found is Rosemullion Ave, Tattenhoe, Milton Keynes MK4 2BU and that takes you straight in to the park. I didn’t count the cars but I’d say it’s for about 20 cars at one time. Otherwise you could park at the top end of Howe Park Wood – there’s a car park there – the address is 18 Howe Rock Pl, Tattenhoe, Milton Keynes MK4 3BX – and it’s then a short walk. OR you could also park along White Horse Drive which allows easy access to one of the good play areas. There are no toilets and no facilities. 

Whats Tattenhoe Valley Park like? 

Tattenhoe Valley Park is lovely. It’s a linear park which means it’s a long park rather than a circular one – but it’s good because it runs either side of a stream – so you could walk up one way and down the other. There are various bridges which cross it. And the best thing is there are multiple stepping stones which we love. There is one which has a sign up although the others don’t. Depending on what time of year you visit there may be lots of water around them or not. In the summer they may be quite dry. One of the bigger ones is just in front of the car park off Rosemullion Avenue. It’s difficult to plot on a map where the rest are – you just need to walk alongside the stream to find them – you can go either left or right from that car park. The park is quite big – I don’t know exactly how long – but parking off Rosemullion Avenue – turning right and walking up to Furzton Lake and back is four kilometres. We did one side of it on one day and the other side on another day. If you want to do the full length of it I’d suggest you take bikes. It’s accessible for buggies, wheelchairs and scooters. It’s relatively easy to social distance as there’s grass either side of the paths.

What else is good about Tattenhoe Valley Park? 

There are several play areas around Tattenhoe Valley Park. The one immediately below is off Whitehorse Drive and you discover it on your walk from Rosemullion Drive car park towards Furzton Lake. The others are in the opposite direction. At the time we visited during the coronavirus pandemic the play areas were closed. But by the time you read this they should be open and we’ll look forward to returning to try them out properly. There’s also a trim trail which goes around it too. 

Any tips for visiting Tattenhoe Valley Park and where else can we go? 

Take water and a picnic as there are no facilities. Buggies, scooters, wheelchairs and bikes should all be fine as its paths right the way around. It’s a fairly sizeable park so more than big enough for a good walk or cycle with young children. However it’s well linked should you want to carry on further. Part the way through the park it links up to Howe Park Wood so look out for the sign – that’s a short walk away. However you can also easily walk on to Furzton Lake which is about a 2km circular walk. And if you want to keep going you can. Have a look at a map, you can then walk from Furzton Lake near the star sculpture, cross the bridge and walk on to Teardrop Lakes and beyond. So well worth taken bikes if you really want to explore. Enjoyed this review? There are plenty more local walks on my website. 

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