Argh… this rain! And where to take the kids at the weekend when the weather is so wet! Well we recently ventured out to Tring to the Natural History Museum there. Quirky, bit mad and like nothing the toddler has seen before. Just bear in mind because it’s free it can get really busy… particularly on a Sunday when it’s only open from 2pm. Read more about it here. Soft play places are obviously an option but if you’ve got a tot like we have then you not only have to follow them around all the time if it’s a big place, but you worry about all the big kids racing around and knocking them over. If you have a car and you don’t mind a bit of a drive then the Hive in Shefford is well worth a look – it’s a bit smaller and only really suitable for children to the age of 8. Then there’s the library – with it’s bright colours and modern feel Kingston is one of our favourites. And if you fancy a drink, food or ice-cream then Maypole Farm has a good play area, it can get a bit manic at lunchtimes.

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