Loughton Valley Park is a large park in Milton Keynes managed by The Parks Trust that incorporates several areas from Bancroft in the North of the park through Bradwell, on to Lodge Lake and Teardrops Lakes. You’d be best to cover the entire area on bikes – but we have walked sections of it on foot. This section is about Lodge Lake to Bradwell which can easily be done on foot with young children – or incorporated into a large walk or cycle with older ones.  If you do find this post useful and create some wonderful memories with your children, please do consider buying me a coffee to help with the running costs of this website, Milton Keynes Kids is run independently with no advertising in addition to my day job. Thank you.

Where do you park to do the walk between Lodge Lake and Bradwell? 

There is a free car park at Lodge Lake. It can get busy. We’ve not been able to park though but bear in mind Lodge Lake is popular for fishing as well as people looking to go for a walk or cycle. It’s off Bradwell Road, just before the National Badminton Centre. An approximate postcode is MK8 9LA.

EDIT – Since first publishing this post a number of you have told me you’ve struggled to find the stepping stones featured. So if you’d rather find them quicker and park closer to them you can park at Milton Keynes Discovery Centre – MK13 9AP. From there follow signs for Loughton Valley Park South, walk about 100 metres and they’re just on the left.. Or the what three words are skis.then.windmill. Hope that helps! 

Where does the Lodge Lake to Bradwell walk start from? 

Once you’ve parked at Lodge Lake you need to join the footpath and start to walk anti-clockwise around the lake (i.e right). You should be on a flat straight path. Very quickly you should come to a blue signpost in which you go right following signs for Bradwell and you should see a small bridge ahead of you. Cross over that and follow the path. 

What are the best bits of the walk from Lodge Lake to Bradwell? 

The walk takes you down a lovely path with some beautiful trees. Keep looking to your right you will see an area with lots of stones. At the time we visited in August 2020 the water level was very very low. My two sons absolutely loved crossing over the stones to the other side. There’s lots of them and on a sunny day it was so pretty. We should have taken nets with us as they found a few things in the water whilst they were there. We stayed in this bit for some time. Definitely take flip flops or jelly shoes otherwise the kids feet will get wet. And obviously don’t go in the water if it is fast moving. When we went it was just a trickle. From there we carried on our walk and came to the really cool tunnel which goes under the railway bridge. You do have to check that no-one is coming from the other side. At first my youngest son was a bit cautious but he’s got used to it now. You can fit bikes down there. 

Where can we walk from the bridge at Bradwell? 

Out of the bridge keep following the path for North Loughton Valley Park. That part of the valley park includes the famous concrete cows of Milton Keynes. Keep going and you’ll also discover the ruins of a Roman Villa as well as the excellent Bancroft play area.. You can read my review of North Loughton Valley Park to find out more information (you effectively do that walk backwards). 

What else is there to discover in Loughton Valley Park? 

You could turn back the way you came and go back to Lodge Lake. Lodge Lake is a circular walk and only about 2km so a good distance for little legs. There is some trim trail equipment. At the top of Lodge Lake if you continue following the path for Loughton Valley Park you’ll come to the stepping stones and can walk on to the pirate park. 

Any tips for doing the walk from Lodge Lake to Bradwell? 

There are no toilets so I’d suggest only visiting if you’re local or know where to find some loos. It is suitable for buggies, bikes and scooters. Have google maps on your phone. 

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