There’s a small but modern play area with a sandpit just off Wadesmill Lane in Walton Park, Milton Keynes. It’s one of many free residential parks you can visit in Milton Keynes. If you find this, or any of my reviews of parks in Milton Keynes useful, please do consider buying me a coffee to help with the running costs of this website. 

Where is this play area? 

The play area is located just off Chase Avenue between Wadesmill Lane and Wingate Circle in Walton Park. It’s a short walk from the perimeter of Caldecotte Lake. An approximate postcode for the park is MK7 7HX. We noticed a couple of parking spaces. On the day we went, we had parked elsewhere and discovered this one by accident. I would also recommend that you could park at the Caldecotte South car park so you can explore several parks nearby. The postcode for the car park is MK7 8AD. To find this park, you need to walk slightly back from where you drove in, walk down Caldecotte Lane, then take a left down Wadesmill Lane, keep walking and you’ll come to it. 


What is this play area like? 

My children were aged seven and five at the time we visited, and although small they really enjoyed it. They love sand and pulley systems and found this one great fun. It’s not gated. It’s not one that would get muddy so is good if you’re looking for something with tarmac. The climbing frame is a good size for young children. I don’t know if or how often the sand is topped up. There’s one baby swing and one bigger swing. It’s a good one to know about if you want to deviate a bit from walking around Caldecotte Lake, or if you want to combine it with a visit to a couple of others in Caldecotte. I would definitely recommend having a look at my map before visiting and if you want to explore a number of parks in the area combining it with a visit to the play area just off Monellan Grove near the Caldecotte South Lake car which you can find out about in my review of Caldecotte Lake and also the Dinosaur Skeleton Park which is a short walk away.

We like sandpits, where else can we find other parks with sand? 

I’ve grouped together some parks with sand in this section of my website. 

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